Terraforming Mars *METAL* Deluxe Coin Set | 100 Coins

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These amazingly thematic metal coin sets are Terraforming Mars and Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition compatible. The base shape is inspired by the project cost symbol. The coins have a zinc core and are electroplated. The coins have a good weight and feel chunky in hand. They have a sloped edge profile which makes them easy to pick up from a hard surface. They have a matte coating, which reduces their reflectiveness. One set has 100 coins in total; 30 tens, 30 fives and 40 ones.

The one megacredit coins measure 18.33 by 18.33 by 2.36 millimeters. They’re copper in color. They feature a scene with a Mars rover drilling a mineral sample out of a rock.

The five megacredit coins measure 22.91 by 18.33 by 2.36 millimeters. They’re silver in color. They feature a scene with a solar system security fleet, patrolling near Mars (Phobos and Deimos visible).

The ten megacredit coins measure 27.50 by 18.33 by 2.36 millimeters. They’re gold in color. They feature a Mars surface scene with a parent and a child, viewing a domed city during sunset.

This is not an official Terraforming Mars product, but a fan-designed product.

Weight 350 g


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