Investigator Stand “Obelisk” for Arkham Horror Second & Third Edition and Eldritch Horror


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These are made to order items. Painted stands should ship within 1 to 2 weeks, while unpainted stands should ship within a week. Standard shipping does not include tracking. If you want a trackable shipment, there are trackable shipping methods available.

They’re finally here! These stands can be used to prop up Arkham Horror’s and Eldritch Horror’s investigator cardboard standees with thematic style. The fit is just right, the stands do not damage the standees. If you pick up the stand by the cardboard standee, the resin stand does not detach.

When deciding how many stands you need, the maximum player count is six for Arkham Horror and eight for Eldritch Horror. Only you know best with how many players you usually play those games with.

Initially, the only color option is drybrushed bronze. I might offer other options later on. The paint jobs are protected with a clear matte varnish for extra durability. Caution, the finer details of the stands might break off if they are dropped on a hard surface.

Weight 19 g
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